This year, students must:

1   Complete your CV. Proforma is on the S drive. Save it to your P drive. Save a copy to your flashdrive. Keep it up-to-date so it is ready to print off as soon as a job opportunity arises.

2  Attend the University of Canterbury Liaison visit Friday, 9 March, 9.00am, in the Hall, if you are taking 4 or 5 approved UE subjects this year.

This is Part 1 of an entry level course for those who work in, or wish to work in, the retail sector. Students
will develop customer service skills, demonstrate knowledge of health and safety, products and selling, and
understand the law as it relates to the sale of goods and services. Work experience, one day a week, is an
essential part of the course. Students must take a course of English (ENG) or Work Place Literacy (WPL)
and Maths (MAT)